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  DSL service, Maximum DSL Line, ADSL, SDSL, HDSL, IDSL, RADSL:
  DSL Line  (ADSL)
connection allows download dsl line speeds of up to about 1.5 megabits per second, and upload speeds of 128 kilobits per second. That is why it is called ADSL and not just DSL Service (because of the asymmetric speeds).
 Rate Adaptive
 Line (RADSL)
like ADSL, but the hardware on each end is rate-adaptive. The DSL line modem on each end of the copper phone wire synchronizes to the fastest possible DSL service speed for the quality of the phone line, and send data through at that speed (it's rate-adaptive). DSL service factors like line quality, length of the copper wire, conditions on the wire, and even the weather will effect the actual throughput level you see for your DSL line connection. Both phone companies offer moderately priced RADSL connections. For these DSL service connections they offer up to the amount of speed specified in the offer. Your DSL line speed still depends on all of the limiting factors on your phone line.

  Very High
  Speed Digital
  Line (VDSL)
This DSL service transmits data in the 13 Mbps-55Mbps range over short distances, usually between 1000 and 4500 feet (300 - 1500 meters), of twisted pair copper wire. The shorter the distance, the faster the connection rate. As the final length of cable into the home or office, VDSL connects to neighborhood Optical DSL Service Network Units (ONUs), which connect to the central office's main fiber network backbone. This DSL service architecture will allow VDSL users to access the maximum bandwidth available through normal phone lines. VDSL is currently going through a standards issue, so it isn't widely deployed yet.

The V DSL line alliance favors a line coding scheme based on Discrete Multitone (DMT), a multi-carrier system that is more compatible with existing ADSL technology. The V DSL line coalition favors a line coding scheme based on Quadature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), a single-carrier system that is less expensive and consumes less power.

  Line (SDSL)
similar to A DSL line, but allows data transfer speeds of 384 Kilobits per second in both directions. S DSL line allows download speeds of up to 9 megabits per second and upload speeds of up to 640 kilobits per second using DSL service.
  High bit rate
  Line (HDSL)


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